The Directors

Christopher Maltin, Chairman

Christopher Maltin, Chairman

Christopher Maltin was the founder and is now the chairman and a director of Organic Power Holdings Ltd. and the other associated Organic Power companies. Christopher is a qualified and experienced mechanical engineer and leader of the team which designed the first systems to allow high performance engines to operate on lead-free petrol. He is also a respected consultant, being recognised as one of the foremost experts in the field of anaerobic digestion, and served as the UK’s representative on the bioenergy committee of the International Energy Agency for eight years. He has advised governments and regional committees on the subject of organic waste treatment to produce renewable energy, organic fertilisers and sustainable fuels and he has spoken on these subjects at conferences and symposia all over the world. He enjoys a successful reputation, proven over a period in excess of 30 years, for his ability to put together and manage a team to carry out research into innovative, environmentally friendly, sustainable energy systems and to commercially develop this research into a viable and flourishing business and beyond.

His team's pioneering and highly successful work on lead-free fuel systems for high performance engines led to an interest in the production of methane gas for use as a 'clean' fuel for vehicles, and hence to research into the anaerobic processing of organic materials to use these as a renewable source to produce energy. Part of this research included a detailed examination to enable a thorough understanding of virtually every type of aerobic and anaerobic digestion plant for the treatment of organic materials in almost every country in the world. The findings from this comprehensive study led to his team developing the Maltin® System which is now universally patented. This simple but very effective waste treatment system based on a series of low energy tanks in lagoons reverses environmental pollution and produces renewable fuel for heating or cooling, or to power vehicles, or make electricity. The process is licensed exclusively to Organic Power companies which are now in the process of identifying potential opportunities and licensees throughout the world.

Christopher Maltin's work with Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari in the 1970s is well known, but more recently his team have been working with Mercedes in Germany and were responsible for the conception which resulted in the limited production of 50 new Mercedes seven seater people carriers which can be powered by natural gas or by renewable natural gas made from wastes. These new Mercedes vehicles are operating very successfully as taxis in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Susan Moore

Susan Moore is a director of Organic Power Holdings Ltd. A graduate of St. Andrews University, Susan founded and ran a successful research business for over 25 years. Her skills, developed during the training and organising of her team of research graduates to successfully manage a wide range of over 150 clients at any one time, have proved invaluable in the management of the present company. She has been responsible for the administrative aspects of the company since its inception, and her administrative abilities ensure that the company's core business of licensing including the supervision of some of our more complex spreadsheets and the management of shareholders’ paperwork are carried out smoothly and efficiently.