Study Days

Organic Power, Gould’s House, Horsington,
Somerset, BA8 OEW, England,
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 1963 371100
Fax: +44 1963 371300

Organic Power Study Days are held in order to impart the huge amount of knowledge held by the company to interested parties such as:

  • potential plant owners and operators
  • licensees for Organic Power's technology
  • members of government and local authorities
  • planning and environmental consultants
  • potential users of biomethane as a vehicle fuel
  • potential shareholders in Organic Power

Advanced Study Day topics include:

Introduction to Organic Power's patented technology.

Tour of the Organic Power's plant, workshops and gas vehicles.

Economic and technical advantages of the Maltin® System over other digestion systems:

  • typical biogas production, quality and quantity
  • parasitic energy
  • odour control
  • feedstock and digestate handling
  • continuous high pressure autoclave and separator
  • quality of final products, pathogen kill, BOD/COD and H2S reduction
  • supercritical carbon dioxide

Planning a digester based on the Maltin® System and information required.

Biomethane as a vehicle fuel or for electricity generation:

  • environmental advantages
  • economics
  • practicalities: use, refuelling, conversion of vehicles

Study Days for Bespoke Groups

These are tailored to meet the needs of a particular group or individual and are very much more flexible than the general Study Days, allowing concentration on specific areas of interest

Participants will have the undivided attention of Christopher Maltin and his team at Organic Power

Whilst the broad outline of the day will be agreed beforehand, this will be flexible, by agreement, as the day progresses so that the particular needs of the group can be satisfied

Cost £950 +VAT per day, numbers are not limited but more than six in the group is not recommended.

Advanced Study Days

These will cover all the topics in general.

Numbers attending are limited to 15.

Days run from 10.45am to 5.30pm and beyond.

Cost £150 +VAT per person.