About Organic Power

Organic Power was formalised in 1997 to market and develop the technology known as the Maltin® System which was started in the late 1960s.

The development has been financed principally by the directors Christopher Maltin and his wife Susan Moore, together with over 100 private shareholders who have to date subscribed over £3million which, together with the directors’ funds, has been invested in Organic Power Holdings Ltd. to enable this work.

Mission Statement

Organic Power intends to contribute more than any other company in the world to the reduction in environmental pollution and to the mitigation of climate change from greenhouse gases.

Business Philosophy

Organic Power’s core strategy is to appoint Regional Licensees for specific geographical areas (usually countries or major sub-divisions of countries) all around the world.

After purchasing their Regional Licences, Licensees will have the right to sell sub-licences, to buy plant licences from Organic Power, and also have the right to grant these plant licences to individual site owners. Each plant requires a licence from Organic Power before construction is started, and depending on individual arrangements, a one-off plant license fee or royalties are paid to Organic Power during the operation of the plant.

In order to maximise the income to Organic Power, these Regional Licensees will be major players in their regions and will be selected on the basis of their business plans and their marketing ability. The marketing and management of the plant licences will be handled by these Regional Licensees who fully understand the local situation and the significant players in the areas for which they hold the Licence.