Although we have worldwide patents on the technology we have developed here in Somerset, all our jobs are based at Organic Power’s headquarters near Wincanton. The situation is rural and so own transport is essential. We are a small, friendly but totally dedicated team, some of whom work part time. Most of our key people are very long term employees and it is loyalty and reliability as well as skills which we seek when considering new members of our team.

Executive Administrator

Organic Power is looking for a permanent executive administrator to join our office administration team.

Amongst other duties, the successful candidate will be particularly responsible for organising the directors’ attendance at meetings (including travel arrangements) and writing up the results of these meetings, following up contacts as required, and will:

  • enjoy their work in the context of being part of our team
  • be able to think ahead and use their own initiative
  • be computer literate with good skills and experience in Word, Excel and Outlook
  • be accurate at data input and maintaining contact files, and enjoy this important part of the job
  • be capable of organising travel arrangements on a world wide basis. A knowledge of world geography, location of places, time differences, etc., is essential
  • have a good command of written English, with good spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • be interested in renewable energy from sustainable sources and clean transport fuels
  • be available to work some part of every day to provide the continuity necessary for this responsible job

Hours: negotiable, but a minimum of 3 hours every day Monday to Friday
Salary: negotiable depending on skills, experience and hours worked


Automotive engineer

Organic Power is looking for a vehicle technician to join our workshop team and carry out the conversion of petrol and diesel engines to run on biomethane (compressed renewable natural gas made from organic resources).

A few years ago we were responsible for the design concept behind a new Mercedes seven seater people carrier fuelled by compressed natural gas which DaimlerChrysler subsequently put into limited production. We are proud to point out that there were no claims during the three year warranty period on any of these 50 vehicles.

Specific training on gas fuelled engine technology will be given if necessary, but we are looking for someone with a full understanding and experience of the modern internal combustion engine and experience of working with ECUs and diagnostics who will understand how to programme the vehicle's engine management system to maximise the efficiencies and power output whilst minimising pollution.

Workshop Manager

Organic Power is also looking for a person to carry out, manage and oversee the tasks at our research and development workshop. The vacancy is for someone to head up and be part of a small team of workshop technicians which will involve both a hands-on element, and the delegation of tasks and management in the development process to ensure a thorough research programme is followed. You will be working closely with the engineering design team to give feedback from the practical aspects of the design to ensure the best possible design solution can be achieved. You will also oversee the control, monitoring and further development of our onsite demonstration anaerobic digester during research trials on different feedstocks.

Knowledge of workshop manufacturing processes such as welding, bonding and machining is essential as well as a basic working knowledge of pumping systems, low and high pressure gas systems, electrical systems, and practical experience of working with plastics.

Other Vacancies

Although we have no other specific vacancy at this time, we are always interested in talking to people with relevant skills.

We are an R & D company covering a wide range of engineering skills rather than a manufacturing facility. We need highly skilled technicians and experienced engineers for our work of developing our patented process which converts organic materials into biomethane which is used in vehicles which we have either designed or converted.

Anaerobic Digestion:

  • The majority of the materials which make up our patented plants are manufactured from plastics, so we need to machine, manipulate, weld and bond high density polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. to optimise both material strength and manufacturing costs.
  • Pumping and processing of liquids and gases form a large part of our unique anaerobic digestion system.
  • Process control and monitoring are integral within our system which operate alongside remote automation of all systems.
  • We work in a research and development environment with all our test beds manufactured in house to prove any new technology before integration into our plants.
  • We take a very practical hands-on approach to research and development with engineers and technicians working closely at all times.


  • If you have experience of working with gas powered vehicles, we would always be interested in hearing from you